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    Prepare for your session…

    What to wear?

    Comfortable sports clothing, comfort is KEY. If you’re not comfortable in what you are wearing it will restrict you and affect your workout. Trainers that fit well. If your trainers are new then please ensure they are broken in before your first session.

    What to bring?

    Water bottle, even if you are having a home session having a water bottle to hand is invaluable. At just 2% dehydration you’ll start to see increased fatigue, reduced endurance, the beginnings of heat illness and declining motivation. Some clients may also wish to wear a fitness tracker to further track their progress. However, this is not essential.


    If you have opted to train in an open space then please be prepared to train in all weathers and dress appropriately. There are exceptions to this in adverse weather conditions and you will be notified in advance of your session.

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