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    Taking on a Personal Trainer…

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    For my first bit of writing, I thought it would be great for me to talk about why you would hire a personal trainer?

    Now, when I say Personal Trainer (PT) it may conjure up different images for all of you. Some may think of the gym Adonis, strutting around the gym like a peacock, correcting the form of the ladies who catch his eye and stuffing down chicken and broccoli in-between clients. Others may think of that nutty hyped up lady who buzzes around the gym like a Duracell bunny and leaves you wondering what she’s had for lunch or whether she’s particularly susceptible to caffeine. These are both of course stereotypes and the reality is that PTs come in all shapes, styles, abilities and backgrounds. A good PT is worth their weight in gold. From helping you reach your fitness goals to figuring out how to exercise safely with a chronic condition, here are the top benefits of personal training and why it will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your overall health and well being.


    Most of us work harder in the presence of others. Having a PT by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine. A PT can also help you set goals, create a plan to accomplish them and celebrate the day you reach them.


    Not knowing where to start can be intimidating. Working with a Personal trainer allows you to become confident with how to perform exercises, the fact you are warmed up correctly and not over or under training yourself. After just a few sessions, you’ll feel ten times more confident in yourself and the journey you have started.


    Do you find it difficult to stick with a program or habit? A trainer can hold you accountable and help you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to exercise. It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you know someone is waiting for you.

    The Clue is in the name … its Personal                                                               

    When it comes to fitness, everyone is different. Your unique body mechanics, experience, goals, fitness level, likes and dislikes can guide your trainer in creating a plan that is specific to your needs. Yes, group fitness is fun and can provide you with some results, but it’s one size fits all approach may not be getting you the results you want. Having a program that fits, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

    Guidance and Support                                                                                                             

    Fitness can be confusing. There is a lot of information to sort through. Eat this, not that. Cardio before or after strength training? Your trainer can help you find credible information and provide direction on your fitness journey. A trainer can help remove the guesswork so you can put all your energy toward accomplishing your goals.

    Avoid Injury                                                                                                              

    If you are new to exercise or find that some movements are painful, it is worth hiring a trainer to be certain that you are moving in a safe and effective way. Taking the time to learn correct exercise technique can improve your results and prevent annoying injuries, which could hinder you from achieving your goals.

    Specific Training                                                                                                     

    Do you want to run your first 5K or prepare for a backpacking trip? Looking to join the Military? Your PT can design a fitness program specific to your goal, which will improve your performance in sporting events and reduce your chance of injury.

    Training With Medical Conditions                                                                   

    Exercise is beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and lower back pain. However, exercising with a medical condition requires additional precautions. A knowledgeable trainer with experience training clients with chronic conditions can guide you through safely and effectively to help counter the negative effects these conditions can have.

    Getting on a bit?                                                                                              

    Our bodies change as we age. Dare I say it the exercises you used to do no longer work with your body, or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results. A PT can help you adjust or adapt your program as you age, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength.




    Is he joking? Believe it or not, exercise can be enjoyable. A switched on PT can make exercise both effective and fun. Working with a trainer who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with a new edge to your workout.


    Ask yourself this…

    Are you seeing the results you want?

    Are you happy with your fitness levels and body image?

    Are you stuck in a rut and bored of your current routine?

    If you’ve got this far down the page the chances are you’re thinking yes to one of those questions. It may be time for you to seriously consider taking on a Personal Trainer.


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