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    Staying Focused

    Staying on track of your fitness goals or aspirations can be a hard one! I myself have even felt the struggle so I am going to share with you some of my top tips for staying on track.

    Set goals

    Have a think about some goals you would like to achieve. Ideally you want three, a short term, medium term and a long-term goal. Make them specific; it shouldn’t just be I want to lose fat. Think more about where you want to be and what you need to do to achieve these goals. For example, if you want to be able to go from walking to running put down a distance in which you want to achieve and in what time frame.

    Write a workout plan

    Write down when you are going to go out and train in the next week. I always find that if it is written down you are more likely to stick to it. Otherwise, it becomes another ‘I’ll do it later’ task.

    Tell everyone

    If you have a specific goal in mind, tell people about it! If you let people know you what your goals are, especially your friends and family then you have an accountability factor. Nobody wants to not achieve a goal that they have told everyone about.

    Why not go another step further?

    Enter that 5k, 10k, ½ or even full marathon. Failing that get down and dirty with assault course race, they are fun yet challenging. Get sponsorship to take part in the race for a Charity, that way you’re locked in.

    Eat well

    Just because you smash out a great workout doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want with no consequences. Food is fuel, learn what to put into your body that will help it perform its best. Eating three to four hours before your workout will deliver energy to your muscles and help you avoid low blood sugar levels. Eating after a workout will replenish the fluids and carbohydrates your body just burned off.

    Find a training partner

    Find a friend with a similar goal, or failing that convince one of them to join you in your goal. That way you can encourage each other on. A massive aspect of Royal Marine Recruit training it the BuddyBuddy system, look out for your buddy or ‘Oppo’ first and foremost and when they do the same for you, it makes for the foundations of a great cohesive team.


    Things will never always go to plan. There will always be something that crops up which interrupts your training plan in way or another. Sit back, look at your options and re-plan. Don’t get bogged down by missing on session.

    Enjoy the journey

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s a journey not a sprit……… I could go on with countless other cheesy sayings. However, there is truth in them all. Realise that you and not going to get to your goals over night, they take hard work, commitment and determination.

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